Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

We value you as a customer and respect your right to privacy. We know that you purchase our products and services because you trust that we stand behind our promises. We pledge our commitment to treat your information responsibly, and we created this privacy policy to show you that we are working hard to protect your privacy.


Confidentiality and security

We use physical and technical safeguards to protect your information. We restrict access to your information to those who need it to perform their jobs. Third-party business partners are bound by law to use the information only for our purposes. They may not disclose it or use it in any other way. We comply with all data security laws.


Collecting your personal information

We collect personal information about you from different sources. For example, we collect information you send us on applications and forms. We also collect information from your transactions with our sister companies, others, or us. We may collect information from a consumer-reporting agency, demographic firm, or medical provider. This collection depends on the product or service you request.


Sharing your personal information

We do not sell your information to anyone. We may share this information with a business that carries out services and marketing for us, like your broker or independent agent. We may share your information as required or permitted by law. We may share your information for a legal or regulatory purpose or to combat fraud. These include the following types of information.

  • We may share information we receive from you on applications or other forms. This may include your name, address, beneficiaries, Social Security number and family member information. This may also include assets, income, and the property address and value.
  • This may include information from your transactions with our sister companies, or us. It may include your account balance, policy coverage, and payment history. It may also include premium paid, preferences, shares you purchase, claims. and purchase method.
  • We may share information we receive from a consumer-reporting agency or other report. This may include, your credit report, motor vehicle and driver data. This. may also include medical and employment data, loss history reports, and other driver data. This sharing depends on the products you select.


Information sharing and opt out

You received this privacy statement because you purchased a financial or insurance product from an independent broker or independent agent. We do not sell customer information for marketing purposes. Because you are a customer of both us and the independent broker or independent agent, we have chosen not to share your personal information to anyone for any reason, except to service your product. These reasons are described in more detail above and are permitted by federal and state law. Therefore, there is no need for you to opt out. If we change our sharing policy, we will tell you and give you a chance to opt out before we share your information.

Please note: if you also purchased one of our financial or insurance products from a different agent or producer that does allow us to share your information, you will receive another privacy statement with instructions about how to opt out of information sharing.


If you feel that we are not abiding by this privacy policy, you should contact us immediately via telephone at (402) 691-8118 or via email. Again, we value you as a customer and respect your right to privacy